Course Program

Guarani level (1 & 2)Tupiniquim level (1 & 2)Tapuia level (1 & 2)Zoé level (1 & 2)Potiguara level (1 & 2)
Kaingang level (1 & 2)Kaxixó level (1 & 2)Kaiapó level (1 & 2)Yanomami level (1 & 2)Tupinambá level (1 & 2)

Our courses are named according to Brazilian indigenous tribes:
(Brazilian indians or” índios” in Portuguese) from the 5 regions in our country, the roots of our culture.
A tribe consists of a cohesive group of people united by common interests, objectives, activities, and way of thinking but especially by a cultural identity. At Portuguese Language School the learning system comprises 2 courses in each level. Each course runs for 1 term of 10 weekly classes of 1.5h each. For instance, if you are a beginner with no prior studies or exposure to Portuguese you start Guarani 1 and move along to Guarani 2.

About our methodology:
Using the communicative method, PLS classes are interactive and highly focus on speaking the target language from day one. Students are engaged in an array of activities to contemplate all different styles of learning. Teachers are mentors on a very personalized level, engaging and observing each student to offer the best strategies of training, therefore students can develop their own learning and self-study method along with group or private classes. E-mails are sent when students are absent, in order to study the content and have access to handouts given in class. Through our adopted books (according to the standards of the Common European Frameworks of Reference for Languages), a structured curriculum and cultural approach to Brazilian Portuguese we can offer an uninterrupted and progressive learning to students. Classes are conducted in a relaxed and fun way with the use of a variety of visuals, songs, audios, flashcards and slideshows – simulating a live practice with a cultural aspect always present through accents, food, customs and lifestyle of Brazilians.


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