Guarani 2 – Thursdays @ Glebe

Thursday April 24, 2014 – Thursday April 24, 2014

1 Ross Street, Glebe

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logo_marque_only In Guarani (1 and 2) courses you will learn how to greet and introduce yourself as well as give personal information such as address, nationality and occupation. You will also be able to suggest, tell the time and express yourself in the classroom situation. Phonetics and spelling out are also very present at this stage. You will become familiar with social situations like invitations, pubs and restaurants, hotel, table and food topics. You will be able to ask for information/directions and to thank or complain. At a grammatical level, you will learn irregular verbs such as “ser”, “ir”, “poder”, “ter” as well as regular verbs ending in “-ar, -er and -ir” (respectively 1st 2nd and 3rd conjugations) in the present and future tenses. Nouns, prepositions “em” and “de” as well as personal, possessive and demonstrative pronouns are contents for this study level which finally comprises the use of “ser” and “estar” (both verb to be) and the imperative mode of verbs.

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