Online classes / Books

We adopt Avenida Brasil 1, 2 and 3 from our partner Group Gen publisher in Rio de Janeiro and Dialogo Brasil.
You can purchase Portuguese books at online bookstore
More options of books in Melbourne Foreign language bookshop
You can search for all books’ audio tracks at listen free audios 

Our online course is very dynamic with slideshows, audios and videos.
We use homework activities and we share our materials via screen to correct exercises and learn.
You can join us from home, office or maybe down the beach with your laptop! You just need a g-mail account for the 1h online weekly sessions from the comfort of your desk! Through our web classes you will view all content, slide shows, live explanation and will receive activities to practise your exercises after each class.

NEXT AVAILABLE TIMES: Send us an e-mail with preference of times/days.


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